Deliveroo Has Launched in Peterborough

Posted by | November 12, 2016 |

Deliveroo Peterborough

Restaurant delivery service, Deliveroo, officially launched in Peterborough on Thursday, 10th November, opening up a wealth of new jobs in the city.

The British online service has grown rapidly over the past three years, granting you the ability to order from some of your favourite local restaurants and get your meal delivered to your home or the office any time between 12:00 (noon) and 23:00 in the evening. That’s 11 hours of speedy service.

But surely that’s just what all the other takeaway delivery services do?

Not quite. Deliveroo’s unique quality is that it’s partnered up with a lot of local eateries and top restaurant chains that don’t actually offer delivery. What’s more, their employees (or ‘riders’) deliver the orders locally by bicycle or scooter – you don’t need to own a car.

The premise is simple: the customer enters their postcode, selects their choice from a list of restaurants, puts their order together, and then enters their address and payment information.

The ever-expanding company has operations in vibrant cities like London, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester – and now it’s arrived in Peterborough. Some of the city’s greatest restaurants have joined the delivery service’s food revolution, from the likes of Bill’s, Handmade Burger Co and Pizza Express, to dessert bars like Chai and Creams, and even an alcohol establishment: Stoneworks Bar.

So how does Deliveroo work for employees?

To become a Deliveroo ‘rider’, all you need is a bicycle or scooter with relevant safety equipment, a smartphone (Android 4.3 and above or iPhone 4s and above) to manage your orders. You must have permission to work in the UK. In Peterborough, you’re paid £6 by the hour, receive £1 per drop, are reimbursed for any petrol used, and you get to keep 100% of tips. Better yet, your working hours can be incredibly flexible – you’re free to pick up work in a small area whenever you’re available to do so.



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Their online sign up process is pretty straightforward: choose your city, choose your method of transport, and then fill out a quick application form – covering the basics about you.

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