£7-Million Expansion at Peterborough’s Serpentine Green Centre

Posted by | November 12, 2016 |

Construction work is currently underway on a multi-million pound extension of Serpentine Green shopping centre in Hampton, creating up to 100 new jobs at the retailer.

Scheduled to finish works in summer of 2017, Serpentine Green’s first ever redevelopment expects to strengthen Peterborough’s economy and help the ever-growing city to thrive.

British fashion retailer, Next, is amongst the first to jump on-board with the expansion, moving its store to a larger 10,000 sq ft space. Marks & Spencer will then open up a Foodhall in Next’s current unit – which is also expected to get extended – and Costa will sit on the other side of the entrance.

The renovation is situated at the front of the centre. Not only does the development include building three units around the entrance of the building, but there are also plans to build a pedestrian square, a cycle route through the car park, and provide adequate bicycle parking.

The centre’s new retailers are expected to be brought in by Christmas of 2017. This broader range of retail offerings and a large public space is going to be most welcome at Serpentine Green, providing an alternate hang-out to the city centre for locals, and more variety to citizens across the city.

Peterborough is becoming a popular investment plan for businesses, so we can only expect that our regenerated city will continue to evolve in alignment with modern consumer needs.