North Westgate Redevelopment Planned by Peterborough Council

Posted by | November 12, 2016 |

Peterborough City Council have submitted plans for an ambitious new multi-million pound development of Peterborough’s unused 10 acre North Westgate site, hoping to provide new business, leisure, residential and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors to the city.

Expecting to invest £15-million funding over the next three years, the council have incorporated the scheme into their phase 1 budget proposals – wanting to directly oversee its redevelopment.

North Westgate’s website states: “North Westgate is an ambitious and exciting new development set to re-energise the centre of Peterborough, attract more people to the city and create new jobs.”

Peterborough City Council’s vision is to create a lively, attractive and bustling new leisure quarter in city, incorporating a communal piazza surrounded by top restaurants and bars, a grand food hall, popular shops, and even a new set of apartments and offices sitting on top.

The piazza – or ‘courtyard’-type area – will feature Peterborough’s impressive Westgate Church standing as its focal point, with retailers, eateries, bars, a 100 room hotel, a food hall, parking for up to 300 cars, 120 new apartments, and 24,000 sq ft worth of offices situated all around it.

The North Westgate development has plans to stretch from Bourges Boulevard to Lincoln Road, and then from Bright Street to Westgate. Better yet, they’re planning on keeping the Brewery Tap.

The project hopes to attract a new generation of people to Peterborough city centre, providing greater opportunity to live, work and play in animated and stimulating surroundings. The council are expecting this huge redevelopment to create up to 1500 new jobs, whilst attracting more businesses to the city to generate further growth in future years.

Peterborough’s plan for their new venture sounds pretty impressive, but it’ll take a considerable amount of time to get the project off the ground. Peterborough City Council have arranged to invest £15-million capital funding over the course of the next three years, so that they can purchase existing properties and land at the site. Only then can they begin work on construction.

Despite the years-long wait, this is an incredibly exciting time for Peterborough’s economy and growth. The city has a bright and busy future ahead of it, absolutely packed full of opportunity.