Top 5 Employers in Peterborough

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Top 5 Employers In Peterborough:

Recent years have witnessed a fairly dank economic climate for much of the country, but one city seems to defy all expectations. Peterborough is home to a considerable amount of up-and-coming companies, as well as many fully established big-hitters in the business world. It seems that our fair city is quickly becoming a thriving hot spot for the business-minded, whilst considerably contributing to our country’s jubilant economic growth. In fact, the 2016 Cambridgeshire Ltd report discovered that Peterborough houses 25 of the top 100 companies in the country – that’s 7 more than in 2013! Peterborough is widely thought of as a key player in our country’s promising prosperity, featuring a diverse variety of industries and businesses that are building strong names for themselves. We now have the highest employment rate in Cambridgeshire and continue to improve profit margins year on year. As a result, we’ve decided to dedicate this article to some of Peterborough’s top employers.

BGL Group

BGL Group is most famously known for its comparison site ‘’, which has a meerkat-driven media campaign. However, little do people know that one of its two UK customer service contact centres is actually in Peterborough. With over 8 million customers, the big-name business also owns insurance brands like Beagle Street and Budget. Between all its ventures, BGL Group currently takes home revenues of £507 million. They are, indeed, a powerful company. The business has over 3000 employees in total, 1800 of which work at the Peterborough site, making it one of the city’s most valuable employers. Calling Peterborough its home for over 20 years – where it drives almost all facets of its operations – BGL Group is seen as a front runner of digital innovation.

Although it’s a big player in the digital world, the business is a lot more down to earth than you’d imagine, offering a fun and friendly environment in which to work. They dare to be different, constantly striving to think outside the box in their advertising and marketing strategies. We think that Alexsandr and Sergei are enough to prove that. Above all, they have a great reputation for looking after their employees and offering opportunities to those who need greater support. In fact, their national CSR partner, The Prince’s Trust, regularly works with the business in an attempt to enhance the lives of many young people struggling to find their place in the world. Not only do they help to teach important skills to newcomers at the workplace, but they also offer current employees the opportunity to gain qualifications (such as NVQs and ILMs) in their Fusion Contact Centres.


Coloplast has hit the headlines recently as it was named amidst the Sunday Times’ top 100 best companies to work for in the UK. The medical devices business has 455 employees in its Peterborough site, making it a huge accomplishment to rank 78th on the list. In the last year alone, they’ve offered 30 employment opportunities to hardworking and committed people.

The company is widely seen as an advanced medical technology expert, offering specialist care, products and services to those with extremely intimate medical conditions. Coloplast’s workplace spirit parallels their 60-year compassion-driven philosophy, which is indisputably deep-rooted in their day-to-day running. Their core values are evident in their customer demeanour and drive to produce cutting-edge products that can help the masses. The Coloplast Consumer Care Centre in Peterborough is as tranquil and easygoing as the company’s culture. This quiet hub of productivity accepts thousands of calls each year with an almost therapeutic approach to each one; simple queries can dissolve into reassuring conversations offering support and guidance. Statistics show that of 300,000 Coloplast Care subscribers, the business will receive phone calls from 25,000 patients each week in the search for full and fruitful lives as a result of their healthcare.

Coloplast’s marketing and social media drive has seen improved communication about intimate healthcare, increasing awareness and discussions about such important topics. This ambitiousness to help and support both their patients and their employees is what puts them on this list. Their Peterborough operations and warehousing facility is crucial to the success of the business, offering significant developments to the company’s work. Coloplast’s HR Director, Birgitte Brink Felding, says:

“The people who work with us are proud of our heritage, culture and products. We’re always looking for people who appreciate our DNA of passion, care and respect to join us and share a genuine regard for what we are achieving in intimate healthcare.”

Bauer Media Group

Bauer Media Group is one of the world’s most significant multi-platform media businesses that’s privately owned, hosting 600 Peterborough-based employees. This company has a huge impact on over 24 million of the country’s residents, with UK consumers regularly buying publications such as Heat, Grazia, KISS, CAR and Motorcycle News, listening to Absolute Radio, and watching Magic.

Bauer’s Peterborough office is home to five of its specialist markets, including everything from sports and motoring, to leisure and lifestyle. It’s evident how passionate each editorial team is about its specialism, continually inspiring more and more consumers to widen the circulation of their publications. The giant not only produces hard copies of their magazines and newspapers, but has also moved alongside technological advancements to provide online content throughout their e-commerce platforms. That’s why the company steadily seeks out fresh talent to introduce to the business, so that they can continue to discover new approaches that align with modern consumer needs. Head of Bauer Peterborough’s commercial operation, Charlie Brookes, states:

“Our approach is to identify the right attitude first and then to build the right skills […] We also provide a very clear career path that enables the right people to develop and build their careers in a relatively short space of time. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our current sales directors joined Bauer as sales ‘rookies’.”

Ideal Shopping Direct Ltd

Ideal Shopping Direct is one of the most prominent TV shopping retailers in the UK, airing multiple channels to millions of homes. The business also has a significant online presence, enabling consumers to purchase goods digitally as well as over the phone. Since establishing in 2000, Ideal Shopping Direct now has over 800 employees at its Peterborough site and achieves over £165 million in sales. Its two core channels are Ideal World and Create and Craft, both of which are on air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, their websites produce and deliver innovative content across multiple platforms, including PC, mobile, tablet, social media, blogs, and apps.

The company’s ethos is to deliver an entertaining service that shows viewers how products can change the way they live. The channels dedicate hourly shows to demonstrate specific brands and brand new product releases, hosted by the business’ much-loved presenters and explained by guest experts. Brands range from well-established names in the cooking, gardening, crafting, technology and fitness industries, such as Nutribullet, Kenwood, Tattered Lace and Gtech, to smaller up-and-coming brands that are looking for a way into their industries. Ideal Shopping Direct is pretty much an all-rounder. Fairly recently, the huge success of Create and Craft drove the business to expand further and enter the US market. The channel now airs as Create and Craft US in America, where they demonstrate and sell products from many UK suppliers to keen American crafters.

The Peterborough site is home to its offices, television studios and warehouses, where employees will plan, develop and execute every stage in the consumer journey. This makes it especially important for Ideal Shopping Direct to source and hire a wide range of talent, varying from tech support, producers and camera operators, to e-commerce specialists, buyers and warehouse workers. Above all, they continue to seek out creative types with a lot of passion in producing engaging television and captivating web content. The business’ CEO, Mike Hancox, comments:

“We have some very high quality people here in Peterborough who are helping our business deliver outstanding growth and improved customer satisfaction. Our current success means that we will be recruiting more skilled people to support our growth plans, and I have no doubt that we will find them here in Peterborough.”

Perkins Engines Company Ltd

Perkins Engines was founded in 1932 right here in Peterborough, with a mission to change the way we manufacture engines. Most significantly, the business transformed the build of diesel engines so that they became a worthy competitor to petrol engines, offering greater all-round performance. After this breakthrough, they went on to manufacture and sell 556 diesel engines annually just four years after the company established – all from its original Peterborough site. Perkins has come a significantly long way since that time, now constructing over 800,000 products from eight different sites located across the globe. Although its expansion has been incredibly successful, the company has never forgotten its roots in Peterborough, where it continues to work and thrive.

Perkins originally chose Peterborough to set up its workforce because it allowed them access to a dependable rail system, experienced engineers, and diligent labour. The same remains true today; the city’s operation actually exports half of all its units throughout the world, meaning that the business strongly depends on its 2000 Peterborough-based employees. The operation utilises cutting-edge technology to produce computerised assembly lines that ensure the utmost efficiency, speed, and quality in each and every build. Notably, Perkins engines can regularly be found in a wealth of forklift trucks, harvesters, tractors, generators, marine vessels and even more machines, renowned for their dependability, endurance, fuel efficiency, and low levels of maintenance.

This fast-paced company has its eyes firmly planted on the future, continually finding fresh ways to design and manufacture dynamic engines that correlate with consumer needs. Since the company’s acquisition by Caterpillar in 1997, Perkins has moved from strength to strength in developing the skills of its workforce. Today, they provide a range of opportunities for graduates, an apprenticeship programme, and other career development opportunities. Their highly sought-after training programmes prove time and time again that Perkins is the company to begin a career in engineering.

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