Top 5 Recruiters in Peterborough

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Recruiters In Peterborough

Finding a new job can sometimes seem like an impossible task – especially when you attempt to go through the job hunt alone. Fortunately, Peterborough is home to a wealth of first-rate top recruiters to help you find your perfect job. But what do recruiters actually do and why are they advantageous? Quite simply, they do all the hard work for you. Instead of trawling through hundreds of job ads and applying for jobs individually, they allow you to upload your CV and ask you to register with them so that they can find appropriate jobs for you. Importantly, most recruiters have their own specialist field. This means that they have in-depth knowledge of that industry and will have a greater understanding of whether you’re suitable for any specific job roles. You won’t need to worry about applying for jobs that you’re over or under qualified for, and you won’t waste any more time. Top Recruiters in Peterborough also take on employers as clients so that they can dedicate time to assisting them in the hunt for efficient staff. It’s a two-way street; the employer’s happy and the employee’s happy. If you’re in need of help during your search, we’ve found some of the best recruiters in Peterborough.

Recruiter: Links Recruitment Ltd

Links Recruitment Ltd prides itself on “linking your business needs”, offering recruitment support to businesses and job seekers in Peterborough, Heathrow and Milton Keynes. The Peterborough branch is based in Yaxley and is managed by a team of expert consultants that specialise in the industrial, transportation, hospitality, aviation, importing and exporting, catering, and commercial industries, or ‘blue-collar’ sectors. The company is gradually building its successful repertoire of clients and candidates to create a strong name for itself in the recruitment industry, consistently match-making dependable and hardworking employees with growing businesses.

Whether you’re looking for permanent, temporary or contract work, Links recruiters  strive to support job hunters in their efforts to find a suitable position that plays to their strengths. The company’s assistance doesn’t just stop at employees, however. In addition to candidate recruitment services, Links recruiters provides dedicated support to businesses looking for employees of all sorts of contract types. The agency is ever-growing and moving from strength to strength, hoping to expand the services that they can offer to their clients, and increase their consumer base at a steady rate.

Links recruiters has been in business since 2012, initially starting their journey in Heathrow. After a successful couple of years, they opened their Peterborough branch in February of 2014 to offer services throughout East Anglia, the East Midlands, and the West Midlands. The company has a strong working relationship with Europa Worldwide Logistics, who are at the top of their Preferred Supplier List (PSL). For clients, they offer a “no solution = no fee” ethos and provide “minimum fuss and cost, but maximum return”. For candidates, the company is enthusiastic about offering a “local, friendly and professional service that assists people just like you”. They aim to find jobs for candidates across a range of sectors and see themselves as honest, consistent, and valuable in the hunt for fitting jobs.

Recruiter: HR GO Recruitment

If you’re looking for a driving job in Peterborough or its surrounding areas, HR GO Recruitment is your best bet at success. With over 60 years’ crucial experience in the industry, the company now has a far-reaching range of local offices all over the country, including Peterborough. Offering permanent, temporary and contract work to job hunters, this long-established recruitment agency is certainly top of the league. After their long-standing success in Dartford, HR GO recruiters grew to expand their services to 30 different locations throughout the UK. Their Peterborough outlet is based right in the city centre, where they predominantly source fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) positions, logistics, distribution and supply chain jobs, sales roles, and building and construction opportunities. The Peterborough branch recruiters caters their specialisms to consumer needs and the demands of the local community, ensuring that our city’s skills are made the most of.

HR GO recruiters  is lead by an experienced team of consultants and branch managers who are seen as leaders in the industry. To summarise their ethos, the company says that “you can rely on our honesty, integrity and, above all, our desire to do the best for the clients and candidates we serve.” The Peterborough team has a great deal of experience in recruiting within the local area, having spent years forming strong relationships with some of the top employers throughout East Anglia. They describe their success rate as “higher than usual” due to the bespoke service they provide, which ensure that they can help people fill vacancies on offer around the city. Their match-making service not only caters to job seekers, but also to the companies looking to employ efficient workers. HR GO’s simple registration process enables you to get the best out of their industry expertise and strong connections, opening your world to unique opportunities throughout Peterborough.

Recruiter: Simply Education

Simply Education is a recruitment service for teachers and support staff which helps you to discover exciting teaching opportunities in your local area. Since establishing in 2006, the company has grown in success and expertise whilst forming healthy working relationships with a whole host of schools across the UK. Fortunately for our local teachers, Simply Education has a Peterborough office lead by dedicated consultants with years’ worth of industry knowledge. Looking at each work assignment on a case-by-case basis, the company strives to match teaching staff to positions that can reach their individual requirements. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher looking for a change or a school hoping to find the best talent in the city, this recruitment agency is your best shot at a successful venture.

The company continually searches for fresh teaching posts and skilled teachers alike, catering for fully qualified teachers, qualified teaching assistants, newly qualified teachers, SEN specialists, overseas trained teachers, unqualified but experienced teaching assistants, and cover supervisors. The success of Simply Education has drastically grown throughout Peterborough and its surrounding areas over the past ten years, offering support for those looking for supply teacher roles, private education positions, or state school vacancies for both primary and secondary specialisms. They’ve forged unbreakable relationships with some of the best schools and academies across the city and have a significant understanding of the demands of working within schools. Whether you need a temporary of a fulltime position, common vacancies in Peterborough include teachers specialising in Art, History, IT, Science, English, RE, Business Studies, Physical Education, and Food Technology.

Recruiter: Cozycare

Directed specifically at carers, Cozycare is a local family-run company with over 47 years’ worth of combined experience in the at-home care industry. With the motto “putting people first, because we care”, the company provides specialist services for people who wish to live in the comfort of their own home, within the community that they love. Cozycare offers friendly and reliable care services varying from just half an hour per day, a few days a week, to 24-hour round the clock support. They want people to be able to live life normally, but with a little extra necessary support.

Based in Orton Southgate in Peterborough, the company not only supplies services to those who need it, but they also recruit carers to join the team. Cozycare is currently recruiting full-time care workers and part-time carers with flexible working hours, ranging from weekends and evenings, to up to 40 hours each week. It doesn’t even matter if you have a great deal of experience in working in the care industry or not – they offer all the training you need to reach their impeccable standards. If you don’t yet have a Health and Social Care qualification, they’ll even support you in gaining one.

The location of each caring assignment can span from PE1 to PE4 postcodes, so transport will be required. Working with Cozycare is a pretty varied job; tasks could include helping people get up and ready in the mornings, assisting in weekly food shops, accompanying someone while they go to the cinema or see friends, preparing meals and handling domestic tasks, observing the consumption of medication, looking after pets, planning trips, and making travel arrangements. Each task will vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on each person’s personal needs. The company itself primarily specialises in anything from Dementia and Parkinson’s care, to respite care and companionship.

Recruiter: Office Angels 

Office Angels has a 30 year history in recruiting and is renowned for “connecting candidates and clients”. As the company’s name suggests, they primarily cater their services to office workers searching for permanent or temporary positions in a multitude of departments. Last year alone, they helped 4500 employees find their perfect job within some of the UK’s top businesses. In addition, the company takes on businesses as clients and gets to grips with their specific needs so that they can find suitable candidates that tick all the boxes. As good fortunate would have it, one of Office Angel’s branches is situated right here in Peterborough, in Priestgate. They describe their staffing solutions as comprehensive, explaining that they take the time to understand each individual client’s requirements before matching them up with a suitable employee or employer.

The company’s website states that they can “assemble consulting teams for short-term projects, locate experienced professionals for full-time positions, or fill long-term contract jobs”. Really, there is no limit to what they can achieve. Whether you’re searching for a vacancy in finance, IT, human resources, marketing, management or clerical support, or you’re hiring for a vacancy in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, utilities, education or legal industries, Office Angels has a great deal of experience in sourcing and securing the best candidates and businesses. Their dedicated and passionate Peterborough-based team do all they can to help you obtain your dream career, support the growth of your business, or help you to reduce HR costs for more profitable operation.

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